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About 180DC Bath

180 Degrees Consulting was founded by Nat Ware in September 2007. Nat had previously undertaken charitable work in Mozambique, and it was this work that made him realize that “in the game of social impact, method trumps money.” He realised that the effectiveness of funds is even more important than the level of funds, yet most non-profit organisations and social enterprises do not have access to affordable high-quality consulting services. 180 Degrees Consulting has expanded rapidly and is now the world’s largest university-based consultancy for non-profits and social enterprises. The University of Bath Branch is an impact-driven organisation that has provided over thirty-five non- profits with impact-driven consulting services to assist in optimising their operations and maximising positive outcomes for their beneficiaries.


180DC Bath Executive Committee 2023/24

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180DC Bath 2022 Impact Report

Our Impact Report

Read 180DC Bath's 2023 impact report:

Our Training Sessions

Our Consulting Directors, as well as industry professionals regularly host presentations on a variety of topics including how to manage a team effectively, how to use the latest software and on sustainable investments. 

Our Events

Our networking events at venue like the Roman Baths are a great opportunity to meet and interact with consultants in the branch.  


Our Awards & Milestones

Our most recent milestone has been planting the 180DC Bath Forest. Click on the icon below to find out more and plant your tree!

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Quality Assurance

Our partners and sponsors are a variety of consulting firms from different fields. Their expert advice and constant training allow us to provide clients with realistic and professional strategies. 

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