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Consultant Testimonials

Below are a selection of testimonials from past and present members of 180DC Bath's Team:

"What makes 180DC Bath unique is that you work with inspiring organisations to solve real world problems. At 180DC Bath, I collaborated with global clients supporting different causes. Seeing our solutions get implemented is incredibly rewarding and I am proud of the work produced. Through 180DC Bath, I have become much better at managing client and team expectations. I have also improved my communication skills and learned how to manage time efficiently. I am currently on placement, and these skills have helped me learn quicker and be more adaptable. The best part about 180DC Bath is the people you meet, and I have learned a lot from my peers."

- Nick Bircher, Consultant at 180DC

"It has been an incredible learning experience to work as a Senior Consultant at 180DC: I delivered weekly client presentations, led a workstream of 3 consultants and carried out detailed research, all in parallel to my final year of university!"

- Charlotte Giroul, Associate at Strategy&

"180DC was a vital piece of my consulting career and an organisation I would strongly recommend to aspiring consultants."

- Fernando Infiesta, PWC

"One of my favourite things about 180 is meeting so many like-minded and motivated people. Everyone is easy to get along with, and the branch is proactively geared towards personal development."

- Riccardo Kahale, Consulting Intern at Oliver Wyman

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